Yomitan / Chatan / Koza Travel Guide

Yomitan/ Chatan/ Koza is located in the central part of Okinawa prefecture.  It includes the cities of Uruma and Okinawa city, the village of Yomitanson and the town of Chatancho.

The area is full of places to see and the village of Yomitan is known for the ceramics of Yomitan Pottery Village, Koza is known as a music town, and in Chatan, you can enjoy amusement and shopping. We also recommend beaches such as Sunset Beach(Chatan), just steps from Mihama American Village, and Nirai Beach.

There is no train service in this area so a car is necessary for getting around.  The area is between 30 minutes and 1 hour from Naha Airport by car.

Tourism information: Yomitan / Chatan / Koza

Map: Yomitan / Chatan / Koza